About Us

Hi there journaller....

Thank you for stopping by, we’re glad you’re here. My name is Kye and I’m the founder of Washi Monologues. I have a darling samoyed, Nemo and together, we lovingly pack your washi goods from the Hills district in Sydney where our online shop is based.

Our little shop’s focus has always been to source for you washi tapes and other stationery that I would personally use in my own planner and journals. Its true, we don’t hold a lot of everything, we only hold what we believe to be the loveliest of some things. For that reason, everything we have in stock is a limited supply. 

If you need to contact us, please do so using the email provided in the Contact page. I will read your email and respond to you as soon as I can. Because I also have a corporate job in the city, it might take me a few hours to a day to respond, so please understand. Be assured, I really do care about your thoughts and answering your questions.

In the meantime, we would be delighted if you can join our washi tape appreciation facebook group.

We have always believed that, the story of your life should be told and retold by you in your journals. Decorative accents such as washi tape and stickers beautify those stories. We hope our shop plays a role in telling the story of your life.

We hope you stay on our site for a visit and drop back in when the mood strikes. In the background, Nemo and I are doing everything we can to delight and continue to surprise you.

Happy shopping.

Kye Tran and Nemo Tsai